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Walt and Joe Case Study Talk on Fraud Detection

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Our team has spent over a decade handling hundreds of cases involving fraud. We are here teach you all of our combined knowledge and work to educate your management and employees.

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Fraud Forces Inc. is here to provide the tools you need to enhance your knowledge about fraud in organizations. Our presentations incorporate real life case studies and stakeholders.

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Use the knowledge presented by our skilled team to make smart decisions for your business. Take a look into how businesses are exploited from within, and where real business owners went wrong.

Our Courses Include:

Understanding Income Taxes

Our team teaches courses on how to properly understand income taxes. We use real case studies to demonstrate what other companies do well, and some that do not in tax facilitation. Learn about tax compliance and the best practices to keep your business structured properly.

Mortgage Fraud

Take action before it is too late and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of mortgage fraud. Our mortgage and expert testimony officers explain what to avoid in the industry. Ask the experts questions and learn from brokers who did not make the proper decisions.

Corporate Fraud Prevention

Learn some of the best industry tactics on how to prevent corporate fraud. With over a decade in the industry Fraud Forces Inc. has learned best practices through analysis and facilitation of hundreds of cases. We are here to share our secrets and help protect your organization.

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Fraud In Organizations
Fraud In Organizations
“Organizations worldwide lose an estimated 5% of revenue to occupational fraud each year according to ACFE reports. Based on my…
Fraud Prevention
Fraud Prevention
“When people think about fraud prevention, they think about internal controls.  Indeed, internal controls are essential for preventing fraud.  Many…
Fraud Risk Management
Fraud Risk Management
“The only way to manage fraud risk effectively is by identifying value within an organization and protecting that value using…